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Quality & Accreditation

GEHA focuses on providing quality service to our members, clients and business partners. The accreditation process is one way that GEHA ensures our commitment to quality. Accreditation is a framework to improve business processes through benchmarking GEHA against national and industry recognized standards.

GEHA is working with AAAHC for health plan accreditation. GEHA's Accreditation Survey is scheduled for January 2017. The survey is used to evaluate the organization's compliance with the AAAHC standards for a health plan and to determine if accreditation should be awarded. GEHA holds URAC Dental Network accreditation for its proprietary dental network, Connection Dental® Network.

In addition, GEHA maintains a Quality Management Program that promotes objective and systematic measurement, monitoring, and evaluation of services and implements quality-improvement activities based on findings. GEHA’s Quality Management Committee meets quarterly to review key measurements such as customer service, member satisfaction and member appeals. The Quality Management Committee also evaluates the effectiveness of ongoing quality-improvement projects. GEHA puts a strong emphasis on maintaining the quality of all program throughout our organization.