Health Rewards Program (for health members only)

Earn money through Healthy Behavior.

HealthBalance Quick Start guide
Open our HealthBalance Quick Start for a step-by-step guide to getting started.
GEHA's Health Rewards program is available for two adult (age 18 or older) health plan members per household. Health Rewards provides incentives for members who complete simple and convenient health screenings. This includes rewards up to a total of $250 for the following activities:
  • Completion of the yearly health risk assessment: $75 Health Rewards prepaid MasterCard;
  • Completion of the yearly biometric screening: $75 in Health Rewards points; and
  • Completion of wellness portal classes and activities such as weight management, stress management or smoking cessation and tracking fitness activities: $100 in Health Rewards points.

Your Health Rewards prepaid MasterCard can be used for qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses and health-related items at the FSA online store. The card cannot be used at any retailers such as CVS, Target or Wal-Mart.  It can be used at free-standing vision centers such as Discover Vision Centers or LensCrafters. Your prepaid MasterCard can be used to purchase mail-order medications with CVS.

To get started, download our HealthBalance Quick Start guide.

*175 is the maximum number of points you are eligible to redeem in 2018. Members are not guaranteed to earn 175 points by December 31, 2018. Members who participate in the Health Rewards program earlier in 2018 are more likely to earn 175 points. Activities have a maximum number of points that can be earned per week/month. Some activities (disease management, colorectal cancer screening, health coaching) are available by invitation only. Members not eligible for these activities will not earn points for these activities.

The Internal Revenue Code provides that the value of gift cards to individuals can be considered taxable income. We encourage you to consider the tax implications of the Health Rewards gift card, and to consult your tax, legal or accounting advisors for additional information.