Financial protection for federal workers

gehatotal_Visit As a national leader in health services, GEHA has been providing security and improving the lives for the people we serve for nearly 80 years. Our commitment to take the worry out of finding quality, affordable insurance extends beyond health care.

With GEHAtotal federal employees can rely on GEHA to make certain they are protected from unexpected surprises that can impact their financial well-being.

Life Insurance – the confidence to let life happen

GEHAtotal Life Insurance helps give you confidence in the face of life's uncertainties. A number of studies show that a large percentage of us don’t have enough life insurance. It’s easy to understand why. It can be confusing, and your needs change as circumstances in your life change. No worries. We can help you easily find the right coverage for where you are in life.

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Short-Term Income Protection – protecting your greatest asset 

GEHAtotal Short-Term Income Protection helps take the worry out of what could happen to your financial well-being, should you miss work because of a health-related setback. With Short-Term Income Protection in place, you know you could have a source of income for up to 52 weeks if a significant illness or injury kept you from work.

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Accident Expense Protection – keeping temporary setbacks temporary

GEHAtotal Accident Expense Protection is here to make sure a physical setback doesn't become a financial setback. Accident Expense Protection gives you a fixed cash payment, depending on what kind of accident you have, to use as you see fit. You can use the cash to help pay for things like your medical deductible, copay expenses, mortgage or groceries.

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GEHAtotal products are neither offered nor guaranteed under contract with the FEHB or FEDVIP programs, but are made available to eligible enrollees and eligible family members. Prior to applying for coverage, carefully read the Summary Plan Description for any exclusions or limitations.