For Members

GEHA provides our members with online tools that help you take a more active role in your health care. In addition to the information and resources available to anyone who visits our website, we offer GEHA members additional services and tools when they register for a web account. Here's how it works:

1. Register for your web account
You'll choose your own username and password, so only you have access to your account information. We'll use the email address you provide to send GEHA plan materials to you each Open Season.

2. Sign in to your web account
If you've already registered for a web account but don't remember the password you created, click Forgot Password. For other issues related to your web account, contact Customer Care

3. Review your Member Dashboard
After you sign in, you'll see your Member Dashboard. From this screen, the following tools are quickly accessible:

Update Info & Preferences – Click this link on the left side of your Member Dashboard to update your account information (including your password, email address, mailing address or other personal information) and/or your communication preferences (how you'd like to receive certain communications from GEHA). Note: GEHA will review your request for verification before implementing the change. The change is not always immediate.

Claims Inquiry – Search for up to 18 months of your GEHA claims. When you make a claims inquiry, you will see a list of your plan claims processed by GEHA. Click on an individual claim to view the online version of a GEHA explanation of benefits (EOB) form. The claim detail includes the date of service and the dollar amounts for charges and benefits.

Member Eligibility – When you make an eligibility inquiry, you will see a list of the GEHA health and dental plans that provide benefits to the patient. Click on the plan description to get a summary of benefits and check amounts applied toward calendar-year deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

Plan Information – Your dashboard displays the following details at a glance about all of the GEHA plans you are currently enrolled in: Enrollment option, Medicare status, copays, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums and more.

Print Temporary ID cards – Your Member Dashboard includes one-click buttons that generate a temporary ID card. It's handy if you need an extra copy of your GEHA ID card for a family member, or if you've misplaced your own ID card. The temporary ID cards expire 30 days after printing. If you need a new permanent ID card, please send GEHA a secure email or call Customer Care at 800.821.6136.

Connection Vision® powered by EyeMed – After you sign in to your web account, look for the Connection Vision powered by EyeMed section at the bottom of your dashboard. When you find it, click on the My Vision Account link to go to the secured EyeMed website with your account information. Once there, you can research what your vision benefits are and how to use them, locate a vision provider, check claim status, print an ID card, download an out-of-network claim form, see answers to common questions about your vision plan and much more.

Health Toolbox – After you sign in, look for the Health Toolbox at the upper right of your member dashboard. You can choose from an assortment of website tools that can help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle, including:

  • My  Health Rewards – Earn rewards for activities you do to improve your health, including completion of the Online Health Assessment (described below).
  • Online Health Assessment – Learn what you're doing right and what you need to work on to be healthier. You'll answer questions about your medical history, your current health, your diet and physical activities, your preventive health care practices and more. When you complete the Health Assessment, you get an instant personal wellness report that will include your "good habits" score, your health strengths and opportunities for risk reduction.
  • Personal Health Record – Keep track of your health data, such as allergies, immunizations, medications, surgeries, health conditions and diseases. You should also include emergency contact information. GEHA will automatically update your Personal Health Record with your claims data. Your Personal Health Record belongs to you; only you can authorize its release to others. Privacy and security are assured by adherence to HIPAA industry standards for user names, passwords and encryption
Provider Search – Complete – Once you are signed in to your account, GEHA members can access the Provider Search – Complete using the provider search box on the left side of the Member Dashboard. Use this tool to get a list of providers in your area and get full access to HealthGrades cost and quality data.

Physician Information
Although choosing a physician is one of the most important decisions we make, many people select only according to name and location. Let HealthGrades help you view the following critical quality measures.

  • Board certifications
  • Education
  • Specialty training
  • Cost information
Hospital Quality Guide
HealthGrades rates and compares hospitals for more than 90 specific medical conditions and procedures. You can view the following information on individual hospitals, or make comparisons between hospitals you may be considering:
  • Clinical services
  • Patient safety
  • Safe practices
  • Appropriate care
  • Overall quality rating

GEHA web accounts are protected from access by unauthorized users. For more information, see the GEHA Privacy Policy.