Standard Option

Affordable premiums make GEHA Standard Option the top choice for new GEHA members. Here are the 2015 highlights:

  • One of the lowest premiums in the FEHB program.
  • Low $15 copays for primary care visits.
  • Prescription coverage with no annual deductible and $10 copay for a 30-day supply of generic prescription drugs. If you take brand-name drugs, you'll pay 50% of the cost.
  • Vision coverage for no additional premium with discounts on glasses and contact lenses.*
  • Lab Card® program pays 100% of covered lab services.
  • 24-hour health advice line.
  • No referral needed to see a specialist. (However, you might need prior plan approval for certain services.)
  • Nationwide network with nearly 2 million health care
    provider locations – yours is probably one of them.
  • Freedom to choose a provider outside the network and still receive benefits.
  • Preventive dental care covered at 50% of plan allowance, without a deductible.
  • Special savings on hearing and dental care at no additional cost.
  • Your health coverage goes wherever you travel, even overseas.
  • Standard Option Premium Rates for 2015

    Non-Postal Premium Postal Premium Biweekly

    Code Biweekly Monthly (Retirees) Category 1 Category 2
    Self Only 314 $49.04 $106.26 $38.75 $49.04
    Self and Family 315 $111.53 $241.65 $88.11 $111.53

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    Standard Option Prescription Benefits
    The chart below shows a summary of your cost for prescription drugs with GEHA Standard Option. Health plan members with Medicare Part A & B primary pay the same copayment for prescription drugs. For complete benefit information, including details on specialty drugs that are injected or infused, refer to the GEHA Plan Brochure.

    Standard Option Prescription Benefits for 2015
    Prescriptions You Pay – In-Network You Pay – Out-of-Network
    Retail pharmacy – 30-day supply
    Generic $10 copay $10, plus difference between plan allowance and cost of drug
    Preferred medication 50%, up to $200 max 50%, up to $200 max, plus difference between plan allowance and cost of drug**
    Non-preferred medication 50%, up to $200 max 50%, up to $200 max, plus difference between plan allowance and cost of drug**
    Mail-order pharmacy – 90-day supply
    Generic $20 copay n/a
    Preferred medication
    50%, up to $500 max n/a
    Non-preferred medication
    50%, up to $500 max n/a

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    *Connection Vision benefits are not part of the FEHB contract or premium.

    **Retail fills eligible for a greater than a 30-day supply will be subject to the 50% coinsurance up to the maximum of $500.