Open Season for the 2019 plan year begins on Monday, November 12, 2018, and ends on Monday, December 10, 2018. 

If you are a federal employee, you can sign up with GEHA by completing a health benefits registration form (SF 2809) available through OPM or your agency. Indicate your plan selection (GEHA plan codes listed below), then turn in your form according to your standard office procedures. The form must be signed by an authorized agency official to be valid.

Many agencies also allow their employees to enroll online. These options include:

When GEHA has been notified of your enrollment, you will receive an enrollment kit that includes a plan brochure and an enrollment questionnaire. Your health plan ID card will arrive in a separate packet from CVS Caremark. Members without Medicare will also receive a separate Lab Card® from Quest.

Call GEHA's Enrollment Department at 800.821.6136, or email enroll@geha.com, for assistance with:

  • Address changes
  • Changes in family status
  • Replacing lost GEHA ID cards or printing temporary ID cards
  • Other supplies such as directories, plan brochures, E-1 forms and prescription drug materials

Need fast service? In a hurry to get new ID cards? GEHA will accept advance notice of your enrollment changes by fax. Fax your completed and signed 2809 form to GEHA at 816.257.3302.

Tribal employees
Tribal employees who are considered common law employees and meet FEHB requirements for the type of employment are eligible to enroll in FEHB. Check with your tribal employer to see if you are eligible to enroll. For more information, visit OPM's Tribal Employers Health Insurance webpage.

GEHA Dental Plans
GEHA Connection Dental Federal® – As part of the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP), GEHA offers this comprehensive dental plan for federal employees around the world. Employees may use pre-tax payroll deductions to pay for this dental plan. For more information on benefits or how to enroll, go to GEHA Connection Dental Federal.

Connection Dental Plus®
Eligible federal employees and retirees may enroll in this supplemental dental plan from GEHA at any time, year-round. Click Connection Dental Plus for benefits and enrollment information.