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New Enrollments

To enroll in a GEHA health plan, employees should follow standard enrollment procedures set by their personnel offices. (If you are a federal employee or retiree who is ready to join GEHA, click How to Enroll for more detail.

For new enrollments that need special attention because of medical needs, Agency Benefits Officers can fax an employee's completed SF 2809 form pdficon_small (Health Benefits Election Form) to GEHA. This means that new enrollees can receive ID cards and plan directories more quickly. It will also allow enrollees to purchase prescriptions or precertify hospital stays without long waits.

Once GEHA confirms enrollment changes, the employees are immediately placed in computerized systems for claims and prescriptions. Pharmacists can then verify the employees for prescriptions and we can verify the employees for hospital precertifications. Newly enrolled employees will receive claims kits including new directories within a week and will receive ID cards in two weeks or less.

Code changes, corrections and changes in family status can also be faxed to GEHA.

The Health Benefits Registration Form can be faxed to GEHA:

GEHA Enrollment
Phone: 800.821.6136
Fax: 816.257.3302