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What can I do to lower my blood pressure naturally?

GEHA | Alfred Santos | October 28, 2018

How to's Blood pressure
Watch this simple isometric grip strength technique to lower your blood pressure.

Alfred Santos, GEHA Account Manager, discusses how the isometric grip strength technique can help lower your blood pressure.

The first step is to please go with your doctor – make sure that you’re on a medication program with them. Along with that, then work on those lifestyle changes.

One thing that I do religiously is called “isometric grip strength training.” It is done with this particular device that you can pick up at any big-box store, any sporting goods stores. It can run about $10 to $15 dollars.

This was discovered by the Air Force. Fighter pilots were passing out on the F-16 jets because of the g-force. So the doctors suggested that they would grip their steering wheel, and with this gripping it would allow them to raise their blood pressure to keep them awake. What they found later though over time, when they weren’t flying, was that their blood pressure was low throughout their typical day.

This particular exercise is great. I do it when I watch TV with the family. You can do it three times a week. Anywhere from 12 to 16 minutes; I do 16 minutes.

You’re going two minutes on one hand. I get my iPhone and I use my timer to make it real easy. Two minutes on one hand where you hold it; you don’t squeeze [and release] or go back and forth. You’re going to hold it tight for two minutes at about 30% of your strength.

What you do then is you adjust this [knob]. Get it to where it is really hard squeeze, then cut back half of that [strength], and then a little bit more to try to get that 30% would be the range you want.

So again, two minutes on this one [hand], you look at your clock, you get the next two minutes timed. You go ahead and switch it over to the other hand and hold it tight for the two minutes.

Do that back and forth for the 12 to 16 minutes, three times a week, and by doing this in the long run it will really help with your blood-pressure goals. And as your blood pressure goes down, go back with your doctor and work with them in adjusting medications if you see a substantial drop.

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