Connection Fitness gym discounts

New for 2018: Whether you're ready to kick-start your routine, or just looking to level up, you now have access to the Active&Fit Direct™ program.

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To learn more, sign in to your GEHA account and then click the "Learn More" link in the Active&Fit image at the top of your member dashboard. You'll then be taken to the Active&Fit site for verified GEHA members, where you can learn more about the program and search for a gym near you.

With GEHA's Connection Fitness® program, all GEHA health plan members can access more than 9,000 Active&Fit Direct participating fitness centers nationwide for just $25 a month (plus a $25 enrollment fee and applicable taxes).

The program offers:

  • A free guest pass to try out a fitness center before enrolling (where available).
  • The option to switch fitness centers to make sure you find the right fit.
  • Online fitness tracking from a wide variety of wearable fitness devices, apps and exercise equipment.