Lab Card

To find a Lab Card location near you, visit or call 800.646.7788.

Lab Card brings more benefits – and savings – to GEHA Standard Option* and High Option* health plan members and their dependents. When you use your Lab Card, GEHA pays outpatient laboratory testing at 100 percent. With Lab Card, you pay nothing – no deductible, no copay, no coinsurance.

Each non-Medicare Standard Option and High Option member* will receive a Lab Card following enrollment in the health plan. However, Lab Card is an optional program. Members who choose not to use Lab Card will continue to pay deductibles and coinsurance/copayments for covered outpatient lab work.

To receive Lab Card coverage:
  • You must be enrolled in a GEHA Standard Option or High Option health plan
  • You must not be enrolled in Medicare Part B
  • A physician must order your laboratory testing
  • You must ask your provider for the Lab Card benefit**
  • You must show your Lab Card to the provider at each visit

Lab Card covers most outpatient lab work included in your GEHA health plan, including:

  • Blood testing, such as cholesterol testing
  • Urinalysis
  • Pap smears
  • Biopsies
  • Cultures, such as throat cultures

Lab Card does not cover:

  • Lab work ordered during hospitalization
  • Lab work ordered on an emergency basis
  • Fertility testing
  • Bone marrow studies
  • Spinal fluid tests
  • Mammography
  • X-rays
  • Imaging
  • Dental work
  • Other non-laboratory work

To find a listing of Lab Card provider locations:

If you have questions about using your Lab Card, please call a GEHA Customer Service representative at 800.821.6136 or email Customer Service.

*GEHA Standard Option and High Option members with Medicare are not eligible for the Lab Card program and will not receive Lab Cards. The Medicare program covers outpatient laboratory testing.

**Physicians willing to collect for Lab Card in their offices must clearly mark "Lab Card" on the requisition and continue to call 800.646.7788 to request a Lab Card pick-up. If a physician does not collect for Lab Card in his or her office, the GEHA health plan member may request the test orders from that physician and go to a Lab Card collection site.

ONLY sites listed on the Lab Card website
are available to collect for Lab Card. If a site is not listed on that website, that site may not collect for Lab Card. Collection site information, including locations, hours and any special instructions, is updated daily.