Preventive Medications with No Patient Cost Sharing

GEHA covers the following preventative medications with a physician's prescription at a $0 copay to promote better health as recommended under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Please note: A prescription is required to process any claim for preventive care medications or products under GEHA's prescription benefits, including over-the-counter medications.

Folic acid Over-the-counter
  • Single ingredient generic 0.4 mg tab
  • Single ingredient generic 0.8 mg tab
  • Gender: Female only
  • Covered for patients age 55 and younger
  • Limit of 100 units per fill
Aspirin Over-the-counter
  • 81 mg generic oral dosage forms for females age 12-59 and men age 50-59
  • Limit of 100 units per fill
Fluoride Rx
  • Single-ingredient oral dosage forms ≤ 0.5 mg
  • Covered for patients age 0-5
  • No gender restriction
Bowel prep Rx
  • Brand (until generics become available) and Generic
  • No gender restriction
  • Covered for patients age 50-74
  • Low-volume products only
Vitamin D Rx and over-the-counter
  • Single entity vitamin D2 or D3 containing 1,000IU or less per dosage form
  • Combination products that also contain calcium (combination of two agents only for the combinations)
  • Covered for patients age 65 and older
  • No gender restriction