Retail Pharmacies

A participating retail pharmacy is appropriate when you need a prescription immediately, such as an antibiotic to treat strep throat. Pharmacies in the CVS Caremark network, which includes independent pharmacies, chain pharmacies (such as Walgreens) and CVS Pharmacy locations, provide discount pricing on prescriptions for GEHA health plan members and their covered dependents. There are no claims to file and no waiting for reimbursement.

Present your GEHA ID card when you take your prescription to the pharmacy. To find a participating pharmacy in your area, you may search or call CVS Caremark at 844.443.4279.

Non-participating pharmacy
If you fill a prescription at a non-participating retail pharmacy, you pay the pharmacy's regular charge. Submit a completed CVS Caremark Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form along with your prescription receipt to CVS Caremark, P.O. Box 52136, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2136. Reimbursement will be based on GEHA's cost had you used a participating pharmacy.

For more information on your prescription benefits, see your GEHA Plan Brochure.