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Outside the United States

If you live outside the United States, your GEHA coverage travels with you. For your convenience, providers outside the United States are paid at the GEHA preferred provider rate for medically necessary covered services. If you have Medicare Part A and Part B primary, GEHA waives the calendar-year deductible and coinsurance for covered medical services with our Standard, Elevate Plus and High medical plans when you receive medically necessary covered services, even when those services are received overseas.

Contact GEHA
GEHA members outside the United States can call us using a dedicated phone number. In addition, GEHA will accept collect calls from our members overseas.

When calling from outside the United States:

  1. Call the AT&T USADirect access number for the country from which you're calling.
  2. Then, enter our GEHA toll-free number: 877.320.9469. Do not dial a "1" before the 877.

Because time zone differences may make it difficult to reach us, you can access GEHA through this website. We have an email address for the use of our members outside the United States. Send a secure email to GEHA via secured email form by clicking

Provider network
Providers outside the United States are paid at the GEHA rate for medically necessary covered services. See your Plan Brochure for more information.

GEHA Connection Dental Federal®
As part of the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP), GEHA offers this comprehensive dental plan for federal employees around the world. Active employees may use pre-tax payroll deductions to pay for this dental plan. Retirees may use post-tax annuity deductions to pay premiums. For more information, click GEHA Connection Dental Federal.

Connection Dental Plus®
GEHA's supplemental dental benefit plan, Connection Dental Plus, is available to all federal employees around the world. Providers outside the United States are paid at the Connection Dental Plus out-of-network rate. To learn about the benefits, click Connection Dental Plus.

Submitting claims
The following tips and forms will assist GEHA with prompt reimbursement of your claims.

  • International Claim Form — for institutional and professional service claims
  • Prescription Drug Statement — for processing foreign prescription drugs
  • Get an itemized bill or receipt
  • Translate the information to English
  • List the name of the patient
  • Include the date(s) of care
  • Get the name and complete address of the treating facility or provider
  • Write down accident details (time, date, place and circumstances of the accident)
  • Write down the diagnosis or reason for care
  • If possible, write down the services received (example: office visit, X-ray of arm, blood draw and white blood count)
  • Write down the current monetary exchange rate for the date of care