Digital health tools for Standard Option, High Option and HDHP members*

Manage your health conditions with Livongo – at no extra cost

Introducing Livongo, a holistic program that gives you the tools to live a healthier life. Livongo provides digital health programs to help you better manage diabetes, blood pressure and your weight. Enroll now and join more than 200,000 people using Livongo. Livongo includes:

  • Cost-free programs
  • Advanced technology
  • Professional coaching
  • Personalized insights

Blood pressure management

Receive a blood pressure monitor. Enjoy unlimited coaching for health advice.

Diabetes management

Receive unlimited strips and lancets. Access to a connected blood sugar meter.

Weight management

Receive a smart scale to track your progress. Enjoy unlimited coaching for health advice.

Text " Go GEHA " to 85240 to learn more and join.*
You can also
join online or call 800.945.4355 and use code: GEHA

With any of the programs listed above, you'll get:


Advanced technology

Track your health when you’re on the go by automatically logging your data in a private dashboard and easy-to-use app.

Personal insights

Real-time tips and personal feedback will help you learn and improve – or keep up your good work.

Professional coaching

Advice on nutrition, weight loss and more from a Livongo health coach will give you any extra support you might need.