To become a GEHA health plan member or a member of a GEHA dental plan, you must be eligible for health insurance under the federal government FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefits) Program.

GEHA Health Plans
You have an opportunity to join GEHA at Open Season or when you first become a federal employee. Eligible employees should receive health plan information at work, usually through a personnel office or a person designated as the agency's health benefits officer.

If you are a federal employee, you can sign up with GEHA by completing a health benefits registration form (SF 2809) available through OPM or your agency. Indicate your plan selection (GEHA plan codes listed below), then turn in your form according to your standard office procedures. The form must be signed by an authorized agency official to be valid.

Many agencies also allow their employees to enroll online. These options include the following:

  • Employee Express. You might be able to enroll online with this site if your agency is on this list of participating agencies.
  • DoD automated systems. Available to Department of Defense employees.
  • MyPay. Health and Human Services employees and Environmental Protection Agency employees can enroll using this site.
  • Employee Personal Page. Available to most employees of agencies payrolled by the National Finance Center.
  • PostalEASE. A secure way for U.S. Postal Service employees to enroll, change enrollment or cancel enrollment in the FEHB program.

When GEHA has been notified of your enrollment, you will receive an enrollment kit that includes a plan brochure and an enrollment questionnaire. Your health plan ID card will arrive in a separate packet from CVS/caremark. Members without Medicare will also receive a separate Lab Card® from Quest.

Call GEHA's Enrollment Department for assistance with:

  • Address changes
  • Adding a new family member, when you already have family coverage
  • Other changes in family status
  • Replacing lost GEHA ID cards
  • Printing a temporary ID card
  • Other supplies such as directories, plan brochures, E-1 forms and prescription drug materials

You may also email GEHA's Enrollment Department at enroll@geha.com. Please remember to include the member's full name, city and state for reference. Email to this address is unsecured. Any information you send to GEHA via email could be intercepted by another party. If you are concerned about confidentiality, you may prefer to contact GEHA by phone, (800) 821-6136.

Need fast service? In a hurry to get new ID cards? GEHA will accept advance notice of your enrollment changes by fax.

Fax your completed and signed 2809 form to GEHA at:
Fax (816) 257-3302

GEHA Dental Plans
GEHA Connection Dental Federal® – As part of the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP), GEHA offers this comprehensive dental plan for federal employees around the world. Employees may use pre-tax payroll deductions to pay for this dental plan. For more information on benefits or how to enroll, go to GEHA Connection Dental Federal.

Connection Dental Plus®
Eligible federal employees and retirees may enroll in this supplemental dental plan from GEHA at any time, year-round. Click on Connection Dental Plus for benefits and enrollment information.