About Us

GEHA is the second-largest national health plan and the second-largest national dental plan serving federal employees, federal retirees and their families. GEHA provides health and dental plans to 1.8 million covered lives worldwide.

GEHA is a self-insured and not-for-profit association. Members pay no dues. We currently waive all membership fees. GEHA maintains low overhead costs; of each premium dollar we receive, we return more than 94 cents in direct benefits to our health plan members.

GEHA traces its roots to 1937, when the Railway Mail Hospital Association was formed in Kansas City, Missouri, to help provide U.S. Railway Mail Clerks with assistance for their medical expenses. Twenty years later, the company expanded its scope to offer health insurance benefits to federal employees and retirees from all agencies and branches of government. In 1964, the company officially became known as the Government Employees Hospital Association, Inc. – GEHA. In 2007, the organization changed its name to Government Employees Health Association to more accurately describe the nature of the Association; the company continues to be known as GEHA.

GEHA and its employees are proud to be a United Way Circle of Caring member.

GEHA was one of the first insurance carriers eligible to provide coverage to federal employees under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Act of 1959. The FEHB Program contracts with several hundred health insurance plans to provide coverage for over 8 million federal enrollees and dependents, including retirees.

GEHA provides health insurance benefit plans to federal employees and retirees and their dependents. The company currently offers traditional fee-for-service health plan options with a network of participating providers. For the 2005 plan year, GEHA was among the first in the federal market to launch a high-deductible health plan that can be paired with a health savings account (HSA).

In 2006, the Office of Personnel Management chose GEHA as one of a select number of companies to offer supplemental benefits to federal employees under the Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP). The GEHA Connection Dental Federal® dental plan provides comprehensive dental benefits for federal employees and retirees and their dependents. Active employees may pay dental plan premiums through pre-tax payroll deductions. Retirees may pay premiums through post-tax annuity deductions. Members may use any dentist that they choose.

Our supplemental dental plan, Connection Dental Plus®, offers a full range of enhanced dental services and includes a network that offers access to more than 340,000 in-network dentist locations nationwide in 2018.

To enhance our offerings, GEHA provides additional services and controls for its members and providers through the services and oversight of GEHA Holdings Inc., which is a holding company that provides overall ownership, financial control, management, and consolidation of reporting and oversight with regard to the various subsidiary corporations under the GEHA umbrella. GEHA Holdings Inc. also reviews the policies and procedures of GEHA's various subsidiary corporations.