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Get Started With GEHA

Thank you for choosing GEHA! We look forward to serving you. To make your transition as smooth as possible, please follow the recommended steps below.

1. Watch for your ID cards.
You will receive your GEHA health plan ID card in a mailing from CVS Caremark. Only the policy-holder's name will be listed on your ID card, but your dependents can use it for their medical services or prescriptions.

2. Complete our Enrollment Questionnaire.
Information you provide on this form will help GEHA pay your claims quickly and accurately.

3. Create your GEHA web account.
Your account gives you online access to your GEHA claims and other member-only services.  When you register, you'll set up a unique username (at least 6 characters, but not more than 12) and password (at least 8 characters, including at least one capital letter, one number and one special character [!, #, %, etc.]).

When you provide your email address, you're automatically registered for our monthly Health e-Report® newsletter and other important email communications.

4. Get to know your GEHA plan.
Your online Member Dashboard (the first screen you'll see after signing in) is designed to give you an easy reference for your plan. Listed here are your copays for doctor visits and prescriptions, along with your deductible for the year. Use our online provider search to find providers in the GEHA network.

5. Earn $250 in GEHA Health Rewards.
GEHA's Health Rewards program is available for two adult (age 18 or older) members per household. Health Rewards provides incentives for members who complete simple and convenient health screenings. This includes rewards up to a total of $250 for the following activities:

  • Completion of the yearly health risk assessment: $75 Health Rewards prepaid MasterCard;
  • Completion of the yearly biometric screening*: $75 in Health Rewards points; and
  • Completion of wellness portal classes and activities such as weight management, stress management or smoking cessation and tracking fitness activities: $100 in Health Rewards points.

Your Health Rewards savings card can be used for qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses and health-related items, at an online store.

*You must be age 18 or older to qualify for the biometric screenings, which are limited to two per household.