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What daily wellness habits do you recommend?

GEHA | Alfred Santos | October 26, 2018

Mental health
Watch tips for daily wellness habits if you are feeling anxiety, stress, or if you are overwhelmed.

Alfred Santos, GEHA Account Executive, discusses a few daily wellness habits if you are feeling anxiety, stress or if you are overwhelmed.

One thing I tell everyone to do is a really good way in grounding yourself. It’s perfect for any time throughout the day where you’re stressing, feeling anxiety, a kind of depression or feeling overwhelmed.

It’s going back to watching your thoughts and allowing the breath to flow.

The practice of watching thoughts is particularly powerful because the more you do it the more, you step outside – just watch it – now don’t judge the those thoughts, don’t criticize them. Just get in the habit of watching how you’re thinking.

By doing this allows you [to] step outside of the thought. It breaks the reality of what many times is a self-defeating thought.

At the same time by watching your thoughts – as you do this – you’ll find that with practice that you going into watching the thought you can’t remember – the thought goes away and you become present.

With that you combine that deep breath – allow the breath to flow. As we’re anxious or we’re nervous, the body becomes very tight, the breathing becomes shallow.

But by watching the thoughts and going back to the breath throughout your day, it’s a nice foundation for you to really get back to present-moment, alert calmness.

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