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5 ways to kick start your exercise routine

GEHA | February 28, 2023

Are you ready to improve your well-being?

Spring is the perfect time to improve your health and meet your fitness goals. If you are looking for everyday ways to get some exercise, here are some tips to make physical activity a more positive and fun experience.

  1. Set a goal. Giving it your all during every workout can sometimes backfire. If you are starting a new exercise routine, pace yourself and start out with a lower intensity workout to build up your stamina and endurance. For example, start with a five-minute walk after dinner, and then build up to 10 minutes the next time.
  2. Make it a habit. Consistency and persistence are key to establishing a new outlook and getting the results you want. No one sees results overnight. But every day you workout will pay off. It usually takes three weeks for you to see a difference in yourself, but the dedication is worth it.
  3. Grab a buddy. Get your spouse, a neighbor or a friend to go with you. Or visit your local community center and make new friends! Everyone has experienced being the “new person” once. Working out in a group setting provides contagious energy and motivation to your exercise routine and gets you moving in new ways.
  4. Change your attitude. Exercise releases endorphins. When we get busy and don’t make time for regular physical activity, we forget how good it feels when we are active. Exercise is good for your entire body, both physically and emotionally. When you get your blood pumping it improves your mood, too.
  5. Do something you like! If you hate running, that may not be your best choice for exercise. There is something for everyone. Reframe your thoughts on what is a “workout.” Raking leaves, planting a garden, walking your dog, spring cleaning and playing with kids and pets all count toward physical activity.

Always make sure you check with your primary care physician when starting a new exercise regimen. Lower intensity exercise like stretching and yoga are still good options for those who can’t do strenuous activity.

To find a primary care physician near you, use GEHA’s Find Care Tool.

If you need inspiration for working out, try our Active&Fit Direct™ program. For a small monthly fee, GEHA medical plan members have access to 12,200+ gyms and online workouts offering a great variety of options.

These benefits are neither offered nor guaranteed under contract with the FEHB Program, but are made available to all Enrollees who become members of a GEHA medical plan and their eligible family members.

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