Health Rewards for 2022

Get empowered with tools and incentives that make it easy and fun to live healthier.

Register with Health Balance

Register on our Health Balance digital platform to complete online wellness workshops, track fitness activities and more.

Register with HealthEquity

Once you have completed your first rewardable activity, you'll receive an envelope in the mail containing your card and activation instructions. After you activate your account, you'll be able to check your rewards balance, view account activity and more.

Earning rewards

The Health Rewards program was designed to be simple by rewarding you for activities you're probably already doing. When you complete a healthy behavior, you'll receive a rewards deposit about 10 days after GEHA receives notification of your activity. Beyond this, our Health Balance digital platform gives you even more ways to earn rewards, including online wellness workshops and fitness tracking activities.

Standard, High or HDHP members without an HSA

HDHP members with an HSA

Healthy activity Reward
Online wellness workshops ­­$10 per workshop.
Flu shot ­­$25
Cervical cancer screening (Pap) (21-65 years old) 1,2,3 ­$50
Colorectal cancer screening (colonoscopy) (45-75 years old)1,2,3 ­$50
Breast cancer screening (mammogram)(50-74 years old)1, 2, 3 ­$50
First trimester prenatal appointment ­$50
MDLIVE telehealth visit 3 ­$50
Health risk assessment ­$75
Participation in a targeted health program (by invitation) ­$50 – $250

Spending rewards
HDHP + HRA, Standard and High members can spend available rewards on all 213(d) qualified expenses — such as eyeglasses or contacts, orthodontics, doctor visits and dental care — using your Health Rewards card.

HDHP + HSA members can use their rewards on qualified dental and vision care expenses until they meet their deductible. Then, all eligible medical and pharmacy expenses qualify, too. Use your rewards card to pay at health care providers for eligible services as well as at stores and pharmacies with an industry standard (1 IAS) checkout system that automatically verifies if an item is a qualified medical expense. For the latest list of IIAS approved merchants, visit

You can also download our list of 213(d) qualified medical expenses to better understand the many ways you can use your rewards.


Q: Who is eligible to earn rewards?
A: Two adult members per household (18+) can earn dollars on a Health Rewards card as you complete activities. Earn up to $250 each (maximum $500 per household) per year.

Q: What is a Health Rewards card?
A: Your Health Rewards card lets you pay for qualified expenses using funds from your Health Rewards account. HealthEquity will mail your rewards card about two weeks after GEHA receives notification that you've completed your first rewardable activity. Your Health Rewards card is reloadable and reusable for 2022.

Q: Who do I contact for information about my Health Rewards account?
A: Visit and register to check your balance, view account activity and more. For other questions, call HealthEquity Customer Service at 844.768.5644.

Q: How long will it take for rewards to show up in my Health Rewards account?
A: Rewards will appear in your account about 10 business days after we receive notification that you have completed a rewardable activity.

Q: Where can I use my Health Rewards card?
A: Use your card for qualified expenses at the doctor, pharmacy, dentist, optician, orthodontist and most general merchandise stores. HDHP members who are also enrolled in an HSA may only use their card for qualified dental and vision expenses until the yearly plan deductible has been satisfied. Transactions are usually verified automatically, but you may need to submit a receipt to verify that the transaction was for an eligible expense or service.

Q: What are the termination rules?
A:Members have 6 months from their plan termination date to claim reimbursement from their Health Rewards account. Dates of service for claims reimbursements must be within the eligibility period (1st day of the plan until the day before the member’s termination.) Note: Health Rewards debit cards will become inactive and can no longer be used upon the termination date.

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If you’re a current GEHA member and need help, call 800.821.6136 (medical) or 877.434.2336 (dental).