Health Advice Line

GEHA has you covered, 24/7/365.

For GEHA health plan members, it’s easier than ever to receive health advice and access convenient health care options. In addition to your primary care provider, you can receive care via phone, video or in person using these options:

Health Advice Line
Call 888.257.4342 to speak with a registered nurse or to access the Health Information Library – any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please have your member ID number available when you call. If you're calling GEHA Health Advice Line from outside the United States, call collect at 709.835.8243.

The Health Advice Line nurses can help evaluate symptoms and determine an appropriate method of treatment, which may include home-based remedies, referral to an urgent care facility or walk-in clinic, or accessing our telemedicine service to speak with a physician.

MDLIVE telemedicine
All GEHA health plan members are eligible for MDLIVE virtual care by calling 888.912.1183 or downloading the MDLIVE app. For more, click Telemedicine with MDLIVE.

  • Consult with a board-certified doctor by phone, secure video or MDLIVE app – anytime, from anywhere. Licensed therapists also available by appointment via secure video.
  • Average wait time is less than 10 minutes to see a state-licensed, board-certified physician averaging 15 years of practice experience.
  • Your family members are also eligible, and we have pediatricians available 24/7.

CVS MinuteClinic
For GEHA members in many states and the District of Columbia, convenient, high-quality health care is available at MinuteClinic®, the walk-in medical clinic inside select CVS Pharmacy® stores. GEHA High and Standard Option health plan members pay a low $10 copay for each visit, and appointments are not necessary.

MinuteClinic is staffed by certified family nurse practitioners and physician assistants who diagnose, treat and write prescriptions for common illnesses, injuries and skin conditions. MinuteClinic also offers physical exams, routine vaccinations and screenings for disease monitoring. To locate a MinuteClinic, click MinuteClinic Locator.

Urgent Care
Get the care you need, anytime, at an in-network urgent care facility. A low copay of just $35 for Standard Option and High Option members helps keep your cost of care affordable. If you have Medicare Part A & Part B, your cost is $0. (For High Deductible Health Plan members, urgent  care visits are subject to the plan deductible. Once met, the HDHP coinsurance rates apply.) Visit an Urgent Care clinic for the treatment of non-emergency health issues such as minor burns or injuries, sprains, fever or flu, skin irritations, or nausea.

To locate an in-network Urgent Care facility, click Provider Search.