High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)

GEHA's High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) is designed to work with a health savings account (HSA) or health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) to help you take greater control over how you spend your health care dollars. Our HDHP offers you tax savings and a chance to build a nest egg for future medical expenses and for retirement.

  • Health care expenses may be covered by money saved in an HSA – money GEHA deposits for you plus money you may also contribute.
  • You get unlimited adult preventive care paid at 100% with in-network doctors. For most other health care, you pay the first $1,500 each year (or $3,000 for Self Plus One or Self and Family). After you pay that deductible, GEHA pays 95% of most in-network care.
  • Vision care is covered for no additional premium.*
  • Money in your HSA earns tax-free interest.
  • No taxes on GEHA's contributions to your HSA.
  • You may take a tax deduction on your personal contributions.
  • No taxes on HSA withdrawals for eligible medical expenses.
  • GEHA pays your HSA set-up fee and monthly bank fees.

GEHA deposits a portion of your regular health plan premium into your HSA each month. GEHA bases its contribution on the effective date of your enrollment. When you enroll at Open Season and stay in the plan all year, GEHA will contribute $750 during the year for Self Only enrollment, or $1,500 during the year for Self Plus One or Self and Family enrollment. You can also add your own funds to your HSA. As you need medical care during the year, you can use the money in your HSA to pay out-of-pocket expenses. Unused money in your account and the interest it earns rolls over at the end of each year and continues to grow.

HDHP Rates for 2018
Non-Postal Premium Postal Premium Biweekly
Code Biweekly Monthly (Retirees) Category 1 Category 2
Self Only 341 $57.84 $125.31 $52.63 $48.01
Self Plus One 343 $124.35 $269.42 $113.16 $103.21
Self and Family 342 $136.78 $296.36 $124.47 $113.53

Although you can see any covered provider, you receive discounts when you see a provider in GEHA's provider network. Click to start a Provider Search.

Click here to find out how to enroll in any GEHA health plan. Our free How to Choose a Health Plan brochure can help you select the federal health plan that's right for you and your family.

HDHP Prescription Benefits
The chart below shows a summary of your cost for prescription drugs with GEHA's HDHP. Unlike our other plans, this plan requires that members with Medicare pay coinsurance and a deductible. For complete benefit information, refer to the GEHA Plan Brochure.

HDHP Prescription Benefits for 2018
Prescriptions You Pay – In-Network You Pay – Out-of-Network
Retail pharmacy – 30-day supply
Generic and brand 25% of plan allowance, after deductible** 25% of plan allowance, after deductible**, plus difference between GEHA allowance and the cost of the drug
Mail-order pharmacy – 90-day supply
Generic 25% of plan allowance, after deductible** n/a
25% of plan allowance, after deductible** n/a

Any federal employee qualifies for GEHA's high-deductible health plan. However, not everyone qualifies for a health savings account. By law, you are not eligible for a health savings account if you:

  • Can be claimed as a dependent on someone else's tax return,
  • Have received VA benefits in the last three months or
  • Have Medicare or other health plan coverage.

If you enroll in GEHA's HDHP and do not qualify for an HSA, GEHA will establish a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) for you. If your eligibility changes mid-year, please contact GEHA at 800.821.6136.

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*Connection Vision benefits are not part of the FEHB contract or premium.

**Under this health plan, your deductible is $1,500 for Self Only coverage, and $3,000 for Self Plus One or Self and Family coverage. With the exception of preventive care, vision and dental, you must pay the full deductible before GEHA pays for your health care. You can use funds in your health savings account to cover your deductible and other medical expenses.