The 2017 premiums for the GEHA benefit plan are listed below.

2017 Premiums
Non-Postal Premium Postal Premium
Biweekly Monthly Biweekly
Type of Enrollment Code Government Share Your Share Government Share Your Share Category 1 Your Share Category 2 Your Share
Standard Option (learn more)
Self Only 314 $161.59$53.86$350.11$116.70 $46.86$44.71
Self Plus One 316 $347.41$115.80$752.72$250.90 $100.75$96.12
Self and Family 315 $382.13$127.38$827.96$275.98 $110.82$105.72
High Option (learn more)
Self Only 311 $221.67$101.46 $480.29$219.83 $92.23$89.15
Self Plus One 313 $475.79$235.09 $1,030.88$509.36 $215.26$208.66
Self and Family 312 $505.22$262.57 $1,094.64$568.91 $241.51$234.50
Health Savings Advantage HDHP (learn more)
Self Only 341 $170.11$56.70 $368.57$122.85 $49.33$47.06
Self Plus One 343 $365.74$121.91 $792.44$264.14 $106.06$101.19
Self and Family 342 $402.29$134.10 $871.64$290.54 $116.66$111.30

For 2016 premiums, see the back cover of the 2016 High and Standard Option plan brochure (PDF) and the back cover of the 2016 High Deductible Health Plan brochure (PDF).

Non-Postal rates

Non-Postal rates apply to most non-Postal employees. If you are in a special enrollment category, contact the agency that maintains your health benefits enrollment.

Premiums for Tribal employees are shown under the monthly non-Postal column. The amount shown under employee contribution is the maximum you will pay. Your Tribal employer may choose to contribute a higher portion of your premium. Please contact your Tribal Benefits Officer for exact rates.

Postal rates

Postal rates apply to Postal Service employees. Postal Category 1 rates apply to career employees. Postal Category 2 rates apply to career non-bargaining unit employees.

For further assistance, Postal Service employees should call:

Human Resources Shared Service Center 
1-877-477-3273, option 5 
TTY: 1-866-260-7507 

Postal rates do not apply to non-career Postal employees, Postal retirees, or associate members of any Postal employee organization who are not career Postal employees.