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High medical 2023

Lower overall medical and prescription costs


  • Comprehensive brand-name and specialty prescription coverage
  • NEW! $1,000 Medicare Part B premium reimbursement 
  • Low copays for doctor visits
  • $2,500 hearing aid benefit

How this plan pays you back:

  • Adults ages 18 and over can earn up to $250 (maximum $500 per household) per year in Health Rewards

2023 High rates

Self Only Self Plus One Self and Family
Biweekly — employed $105.74 $243.49 $304.39
Monthly — retired $229.10 $527.56 $659.52

Costs (in-network)

In-network providers agree to limit what they will charge you. You pay a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the provider’s negotiated amount. For out-of-network benefits, check the GEHA Plan Brochure.

What you pay
Unlimited telehealth visits, including mental health, with MDLIVE $0
Preventive care; adult routine screenings $0
Well-child visit; up to age 22 $0
Maternity; routine care $0
Maternity; inpatient care $0
Outpatient accidental injury, including ER (within 72 hours) $0
Outpatient lab services $0
Vision coverage; eye exams1 $5
MinuteClinic (where available) $10
Primary physician office visit $20
Mental health office visit $20
Specialist care office visit $20
Chiropractic care (manipulative therapy), including X-rays; up to 20 visits per year $20
Urgent care facility $35
ER visit; medical emergency 10%2
Hospital care; outpatient 10%2
Professional surgical services 10%2
X-ray and other diagnostic services 10%2
Acupuncture; up to 20 treatments per year 10%2
Hospital care; inpatient $100 per admission plus 10%
Preventive dental care, twice yearly Balance after GEHA pays $22 per visit

Deductible and out-of-pocket max (in-network)

Self Only Self Plus One Self and Family
Yearly deductible (what you pay in-network) $350 $700 $700
Out-of-pocket max (what you pay in-network) $5,000 $10,000 $10,000

Prescription benefits

The table below summarizes your cost for prescription drugs with GEHA’s High medical plan. Members with Medicare A & B primary have even lower out-of-pocket costs for preferred and non-preferred brand-name prescriptions.

For added convenience and management of medications, your GEHA prescription benefits include access to presorted multi-dose packets. Presorted packets can be delivered to your home or, if available, picked up at a retail location.

For complete benefit information, including details on specialty drugs that are injected or infused, refer to the GEHA Plan Brochure.

To find a drug cost based on your benefit plan and prescription dosage, check your drug costs.

What you pay in-network
30-day retail generic $10
30-day retail preferred brand-name 25% ($150 max)‡¤
30-day retail non-preferred brand-name 40% ($200 max)‡¤
90-day mail service generic $20
90-day mail service preferred brand-name 25% ($350 max)¤
90-day mail service non-preferred brand-name 40% ($500 max)¤
30-day specialty CVS exclusive generic and preferred brand-name 25% ($150 max)¤
30-day specialty CVS exclusive non-preferred brand-name 40% ($200 max)¤

Highlights that are special to High

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2023 Medical Benefits Guide

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