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Maternity resources


You are about to embark on an incredible new chapter in your life. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you already have at least one child, each pregnancy is a unique journey with its own challenges and rewards. 

To help guide you through your pregnancy, GEHA has created several resources to refer to throughout your pregnancy. You have a dedicated registered nurse and health navigator as part of your GEHA Standard Option, HDHP or High Option membership. Our Customer Care team is also available for any questions you may have at 800.821.6136.

Don’t forget to visit our "Pregnancy and childbirth webpage" to order a complimentary Maternity Resource Packet today.

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Earn Rewards
Earn Health Rewards for healthy activities.
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Find Care
Prenatal care helps keep you and your baby healthy and prevent complications.
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Breast Pump
GEHA covers at 100% one double-channel electric breast pump with double suction capability.
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Additional Maternity Content
Explore our maternity resource center. Read a blog or watch a webinar focused on Motherhood.

First trimester e-book

The first volume in our series of maternity guides covers the first 13 weeks and will take you from morning sickness and medications to appropriate exercise and nutrition. Appropriate prenatal services and education during the first trimester are crucial components of a healthy birth. Understanding how to stay healthy is important for preventing complications that can affect the health of both mother and baby before, during and after pregnancy.

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Second trimester e-book

Your baby goes from growing hair to kicking legs during the second trimester. The next volume in our series of pregnancy guides covers weeks 14 to 28 and offers insight and advice on dental changes and dizziness, what foods most help the baby and appropriate exercises.

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Third trimester e-book

From functioning eyelids to positioning for birth, a lot is happening during the third trimester. The third volume in our series of pregnancy guides covers the final weeks of pregnancy and discusses contractions, birthing options, how to manage discomfort and ways to eat healthy and exercise.

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Postpartum e-book

Your baby is home but the journey is just beginning. The final volume in our series of pregnancy guides is intended to help keep you on track as your baby’s health progresses, make you feel less alone as your body changes and provide further resources.

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