Screenings and Exams for Adolescents and Teens

These recommendations are established by the listed resources only and not by GEHA. The recommendations are intended as general guidelines only. Other resources may offer different recommendations. Please consult your health care provider to determine which screenings and exams you need. Be sure to check your GEHA Plan Brochure for coverage information on all screenings, exams and immunizations.

Recommended screenings & exams for adolescents & teens age 11 to 18

  • Physical examination, including height, weight, blood pressure and skin cancer screening, should be conducted annually.
  • Pap smear/pelvic exam should be conducted at age 18, or annually from the time female adolescents become sexually active. Female adolescents may also be taught to perform monthly breast self-exams at this time.
  • Testicular exam or testicular self-examination (TSE): Male teens may be taught to perform a monthly testicular self-exam; the provider may also do a testicular exam.
  • Dental examinations and cleaning should be routine, every 6 months or so or as recommended by your dental provider.
  • Vision and hearing screening should be done regularly, as recommended by your health care provider.